What we do ?

Welcome to Alpha — the final destination for all your glass and aluminum needs. We design, create and install glass and aluminum structures for all commercial purposes. From storefronts and glass railings to glass doors, curtain walls, aluminum windows and office cubicles — we make and install these structures to match your requirements to the T.

The Alpha team consists of experts in architectural aluminum building products, who will assist you in designing and decision-making.

Our advantages

Our experience in working with commercial establishments gives us a deep understanding of the different needs of different spaces.

We have successfully completed projects ranging from small standalone stores to large office spaces and more.

We treat each case individually and assess every part of the structure before finalizing the design.

We offer a variety of different glass with different compositions and surface treatments. You can pick and choose the ones that suit your purpose the best.

We guarantee structural integrity of all our installations. We use the best construction equipment to create highly secure structures. Only the finest parts and accessories are used for our installations.

Safety is of paramount importance to us. Our designs take all possible safety issues in to account and make sure that there’s no scope left for accidents. We use shatterproof glass panes wherever possible and make sure chipped edges don’t pose safety hazards. Even during installations, our professional constructors take all possible precautions to rule out chances of an accident.

Calls us today for a free assessment by our experts. You can also contact us on email through the contact form. Please 2-3 days for an email reply.

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